Psychotherapy and Mental Performance Coaching Services

Using Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, and Mental Performance training, I work with individuals, business professionals, families, and couples in a collaborative way to live life that is meaningful and satisfying to each individual.  I help with healing, change, and performance improvement through personal growth and skill development. The focus can be personal or professional goals to address what is needed in order to think clearly and feel strongly at the same time while learning the new skills to support the desired changes.

This allows us to express ourselves more clearly, change maladaptive patterns, develop skills, increase our productivity and to gain depth in our choices. Thus clarity is gained in choosing to act on emotions or rational thought when making decisions. This allows us to manage difficult circumstances in business, life and relationships with integrity and confidence.

In work with athletes and business professionals as a mental performance coach the focus is typically on strengthening existing skills, developing new ones, and shifting habits that impede performance.  We use the power of the mind and clear any performance blocks to support peak performance outcomes.