About Debbie

As a psychotherapist and mental performance trainer, I leverage over 25 years of experience in professional counseling, in-depth clinical psychological analysis, and skillbuilding. I was first introduced to the idea of clinical practice as an undergraduate student at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. After completing my graduate studies in Portland, Oregon, I established a thriving private practice here after working in an agency setting for several years. I have trained in a variety of complementary modalities and methodologies that have proven very effective in assisting my clients in both my clinical and mental performance training practices.

Having earned a number of licenses and certifications, I have specialized training in clinical issues related to relationships, addiction, emotional challenges (such as depression and self-esteem), trauma and other psychological issues that impede quality of life and general functioning. My wide range of training allows for a variety of sub-specialties, including mental performance training where I work with clients to bring their professional and athletic performance to a new level by developing their mental skills.

As a recreational and competitive athlete, I started to notice that many people talked about the mental game, yet were unsure how to develop mental performance skills outside of reading a book, listening to a motivational CD, or getting some direction from non-psychological professionals. There was a disconnect between an athlete’s mental skills and their physical performance. I noticed this same struggle among business professionals and have sought to close this gap with mental performance training.

In my role as a Mental Performance Trainer, I assist business professionals, athletes of all ages and skill levels, and individuals who want to enhance their skill-set in order to achieve peak performance and fulfill their true potential.

With mental performance training, I will assist you in how to use the full power of your mind, recognize mental errors, and how to correct them. It’s about strengthening existing mental game skills and learning new ones. It’s about letting the mental side of your game enhance the physical side of performance.

Please explore my website to learn more about what I do and how I can help you be your best more often, and perform at your peak when it matters most.