Mental Performance

Mental Performance Training is all about winning the mind game. The common denominator in all performance is the mind because that’s what runs the body. Performance psychology focuses on the factors that allow an individual, group, or team to achieve their goals. By engaging in how to develop and direct the power of one’s own mind, the result is peak performance in sports, business, and daily life.

As a mental performance trainer, I assist you in how to use the full power of your mind, recognize mental errors, and how to correct them in order to improve sports performance. It’s about strengthening existing mental skills and learning new ones. It’s about removing barriers that limit performance and supporting the development of your full potential.

About Mental Performance Training

Mental Performance Training is not about trying to be perfect in what you do, but about fulfilling your potential, handling challenges with confidence, and removing barriers that limit performance. I believe that by letting the mental side of your game enhance the physical side of your performance, you will achieve more and demonstrate consistent success. This is where the mental performance side of my work, Mind Empowered Performance Academy, LLC, comes in.

The National Golf Foundation conducted a study in 2000 that found golfers who used some form of sport psychology had an average handicap of four shots lower than those who didn’t.

As an avid golfer, this statistic was fascinating to me. If there were that many golfers struggling to achieve their peak performance, imagine how many other athletes throughout the sports world were suffering from similar performance blockages, or simply not fulfilling their potential.

Any kind of activity that can be categorized as a performance is subject to blockages, anxiety, or limitations. That’s why business professionals and individuals who “perform” have successfully used mental performance training to overcome their performance challenges. Most successful people have advisors they consult with, and most top athletes have worked in some form with a psychological expert to assure peak performance. Mental Performance Training is perfect for any business executive, performing artist, athlete, or business professional who wants support with what they do.

Mind Empowered Performance Academy offers a variety of approaches and services to help athletes of all ages, business professionals, and individuals learn proficiency in effective mental skills. The skills we work to develop will be based on individual aptitudes, and your ability to access all the power of the mind to harness your full potential and achieve your goals.

Services include mental performance assessments, performance improvement goals and plans, mental skills and relaxation training, mental strategy, performance enhancement techniques, distraction control and focus, consultation, and public speaking.