My therapy rates are as follows:

  • Free 15-minute initial phone consultation.
  • 50 -minute session: $125
  • 60-70-minute session: $160
  • 85-90 minute session: $175
  • For individuals with financial limitations, I offer a limited sliding scale of $70-$150. My sliding fee program is fee for service and individuals must pay for services in full each appointment.  Call for details.

Available appointment times vary.  General office hours are 9:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

Note about Medical Insurance:

To use your medical insurance to cover counseling services your plan benefit determines coverage not your insurance company name. Each insurance company offers many different plans. I can bill most insurance plans that allow you to choose your provider.  Please check with your insurance company about your plan coverage for outpatient mental health services to determine your counseling benefits. It is helpful to know what your plan effective date, deductible and copay are as that determines your portion of the fees.  Some insurance plans require prior authorization for services and most deductibles are calendar year.

It is important to know that billing medical insurance for treatment requires a diagnosis of a covered medical condition.  If you have any questions about how to determine your benefit coverage or if you qualify for a medical diagnosis, please call me at 503-944-5032.